30 Times When Ordinary Photos Unpredictably Turned Out Photobomb Masterpieces

When we take a picture, we pay attention to all the details: the background, poses, and facial expressions. However, sometimes we can’t foresee everything, and unpredictable things make photos much better.

1 Friends like these that always ruin your photos

2 Guy from the TV is having a sneak peak

3 That crazy photo bomber

4 She as trying to get out of the frame

5 Super woman spotted

6 Someone is impressed by the pose

7 The moment this jogger realized he stumbled into my friends’ engagement photo

8 Carrying a few kilos from the winters and not caring about them is the best feeling ever

9 By far my favourite accidental photobomb. Ever.

10 George Clooney’s epic Steven Spielberg and Jerry Seinfeld photobomb

11 This picture I took of two swans that looks like one swan with a smaller second head.

12 You come into our territory and you do a photo shoot?

13 Apologies to ruin your picture

14 Photobomb level: Adorable

15 Photobomb at my sister’s wedding!!

16 This ostrich dropped by to say hello

17 Sorry about that

18 The best photo bomb you’ll see today

19 When the bridesmaid already knows you’re cheating behind his back

20 Find the Queen of England

21 When you see it

22 Those jealousy filled moments from the childhood

23 My cousin Kong made it to the big screen so I should follow his foot steps

24 The real Punisher

25 My brother was able to pack our family friend into a mini backpack

26 I have bigger biceps than the Batman

27 When the bridesmaid can’t take it

28 Friends will always stay jealous of each other no matter how old they get

29 Beyonce photobomb

30 Beyonce photobomb

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