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31 Awkward And Cringeworthy ‘Neckbeard’ Moments

The term ‘Neckbeard’ is widely utilized online as a derogatory expression, often characterizing individuals who display social awkwardness or attempt to compensate for perceived underachievement through affected arrogance.

The ‘Neckbeard‘ subreddit serves as a dedicated forum where participants share notable instances of this behavior. Explore the content below to witness cases where individuals may express negativity towards others, yet it appears to stem from a lack of self-confidence or an effort to conceal their personal insecurities.

Sorry Ladies

Neckbeard Gets Pissed Because Unlike His Expectations, The Us Army Is Not All 80s Sylvester Stallon Clones

If you don’t like it, there is an enlistment office down the street from me. I’m sure they’d love to talk to you

Dude, You Stink

The answer is there. Why not just wash? Is this ‘I’m right and smarter” or is it depression?

Most Likely A Neckbeard

This is not as bad as the rest. Just awkward.

How Dare You Be Sad About People Making Deepfake Porn Of Yourself? Like, Grow Up!

I honestly don’t know what to say other than wtf

Saw This On Askmen Today… Yikes

Yes it’s you. The problem is you.

Stop Kissing M’ladys Hand

I Just Can’t

I. What. This is entry #2 currently and I’m too angry for this side of humanity rn. I can’t even.

Found On Twitter, Where Neckbeards Still Prey On Ukrainian Refugees

Double bonus points for correct usage of “asocial” and “schizoid”.

Check Those Drives

These troglodytes don’t deserve the reflexive protection of their identities when reposting.

Think About It

Her husband’s brains had just been blown all over her!

Hot Tub Offer

* free sexual assault included!

Neckbeard Found A “Girlfriend”

Or (if she is real) just qualified for the Academy Awards.

Oh S**t, He’s Gonna Take Legal Action!

Can we please find out who he is and forward this message to his mum?

Now That’s True Love

Well, THERE’S a real coincidence!

Just Saw This And Figured It Belonged Here. Yikes. Comments Are Currently Ripping Him Apart

I would go turn myself in as a psychopath to the nearest policeman I can find. Let her cry her eyes out after you her whole life while you’re in prison becaues she is missing out on so much.

“Accidentally” Dressed In The Fully Identical Costume Of An Anime Character

“Accidentally”! 😂

Which Circle Of The Infernal Spiral Does This Person Come From


Don’t Know If This Has Been Posted Here


Is That So Much To Ask??

Shut up Dad, and keep your “advices” to your boring self!

This Is What Comes To Your Head?

Men and women can be friends and have no romantic feelings for each other

Who Hurt This Guy?

you should NOT be wanting to have sex with your child

The Last Thing His Enemies See Before Filing A Police Report

Wonder if he will develop his poker face in prison?

Local Man Fetishizes Students

A stalker taking photos. So these guys go to this site to normalise such behaviour?

“Stop Telling Me To Get A Job”

Get a job.

Local Weaboo Upset About Japan Not Being Their Fantasyland

Kudos to Japan and Sweden!!!!!!

This Neckbeard Wants Kawaii Sharia Law

This guy is one of the reasons why forensic psychiatric hospitals exist

Broski She Just Said She Had A Boyfriend


“Basically I’m Looking For Me, But A Girl”


Neckbeard Movie Review

He spoke to every women? He didn’t ask to me.

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