31 People Having A Really Bad Day

1. “In 10 seconds I’m going to discover the value of lifejackets and renter’s insurance.”

2. “Sold my iPad in a public space, at night, in Minnesotan −10°F. Turned out it’s fake.”

3. “Came home from work to find out my dog destroyed my feather pillow.”

4. “I’m starting to think this view isn’t worth golfers aiming directly at our home.”

5. “The view from my balcony before and after they removed a tree”

6. “Apparently 2 hours early at the airport wasn’t early enough.”

7. “8-year-old remembered to take the foil flavor packet out. But she forgot to add water.”

8. “Someone lost their boat on the highway.”

9. “Got some dreadlocks in my coke at the ball game.”

10. “My ultrawide monitor arrived after being on backorder since Christmas. Since it has to be built in the box, I didn’t see this nice little issue until I cleared my desk and took off the wrapping protector…”

11. “Made a cake for my nephew’s birthday and it fell.”

12. “Came home from vacation to this. Hose broke and was spraying water for days in sub-freezing temps.”

13. Just having a wee snack at your local supermarket!

14. “One day before going on vacation, I cut my leg open. Had to get it sutured and must rest for 7 days, the length of my vacation stay.”

15. “I guess the paint looked dry enough to someone.”

16. “The bottom of my glass fell off somehow and made a mess…”

17. “Been having stomach pain. Have a Keurig that makes single cups or full pot rarely use full pot mode but used on xMas. Coffee was tasting funny today and happen to open the filter area that I haven’t opened in 3 weeks to find this.”

18. “Knife snapped and nearly hit my wife in the face.”

19. “My first ever homemade vanilla ice cream. Unfortunately, the recipe didn’t call for 150g salt and a pinch of sugar.”

20. “The handle broke.”

21. “Its been snowing like crazy here in Northern Norway.”

22. “What it looks like to win a standard weekend day!”

23. “Boss told me I have to come into work because they need me.”

24. “Just got the concrete done and someone drove into it.”

25. “Didn’t manage to get a video before getting pushed away by firemen, but a bunch of cars including mine are exploding in my apartment’s parking garage.”

26. Tree fell on my neighbor’s house.

27. “My glass coffee table just exploded.”

28. “Sitting in the parking lot on a cold morning and hear an audible “thud.” My defroster cracked my windshield.”

29. “My tire fell off with no warning while driving home last night.”

30. “Last I seen of my $50 costco drone before i turned it on and watched it fly straight out into the ocean.”

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