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34 Amazing Things People Found On The Beach

Not Something You Find On The Beach Everyday

I Found This Smile Soda Bottle Patented On July 11th 1922

Finding A Stranded Puffer Fish On The Shores

While Walking On The Beach In Hawaii My Wife And I Found This Glass Ball That Had Become The Home Of Small Marine Ecosystem

Someone Made A Stone Rainbow On Hornsea Beach, UK

Giant Squid Washed Up In Wellington New Zealand

My Mom Found This Amazing Sand Castle In Jerusalem Beach, Tel Aviv

A Collection Of Different Tracks And Footprints I Found On The Beach

Found This Little Guy While Working On The Beach. He’ll Have A 14ft Wingspan Within Two Years

The Beach I’m At Has A List Of Commonly Found Garbage And How Long It Takes For It To Decompose

This Piece Of A Whales Spinal Column That Washed Up On The Beach

My Brother Likes To Search For Shark Teeth On Beaches. This Was 6hrs Of Searching At Folly Beach Sc

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