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40 Dark Comics With Unexpected Twists By Scribbly G

Scribbly G is a 32-year-old comic artist from South Africa who loves creating dark humor comics with unexpected twists. And even though he only started creating them as a hobby just over a year ago, his comics will definitely make you laugh out loud.

When discussing his creative process, Scribbly says he always tries to make himself laugh. “If I find it funny, I’m pretty sure at least one other person will laugh, and that’s a win!” says the artist. “I then try to make it not look like the worst comic in the world, nobody wants to be the worst cartoonist, 2nd-worst is fine. When it looks passable as a comic, and makes me laugh, I post it.”

Scribbly says he loves silent characters and comics – it’s something the artist says he isn’t good at but tries to work on. “I’ve always loved silent comics, maybe because I’m a pretty silent dude? Dunno? Oh, and I love Batman, because like, he’s Batman!” says the artist.

Check out his funny comics with unexpected endings in the gallery below!

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