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40 Times People Took Pics Only To Realize They’ve Captured ‘Giants’

Everyone wants to look their best in front of the camera. In that sense, we’re all bound to feel at least the tiniest bit of disappointment. And it’s not because we don’t look worthy of a perfect shot, but rather because a praying mantis throws an unwelcome photobomb like it’s no big deal, or because the camera is wobbly.

Sometimes, though, the whole composition is off. Whether on purpose or by accident, it can bend the picture and our minds to make us look like real-life giants.

Already Tall (7 Ft Or More) Friend Accidentally Takes Optical Illusion Photo

My Boy Climbing An Old Rotten Tree Stump Looks Like A Giant Climbing Mountains

Our Tour Guide Took This Photo Of Our Group At Angkor Wat

In photography and movie making, forced perspective is a technique that creates an optical illusion that makes objects appear larger, smaller, closer, or further away than they really are. The technique is often used humorously in various settings, but it can also work as a practical solution.

For example, renowned film director Peter Jackson, best known for his Lord of the Rings trilogy, used forced perspective to make certain characters look much shorter than others. No wonder he is about to receive a lifetime achievement award next month from the Visual Effects Society.

My Friend Looks Like A Giant

I Took A Few Shots At Lake Louise Today And Google Offered Me This Panorama

This Picture Of A Friend Hiking Makes Him Look Like A Giant Sitting Amongst Mountains

Stephanie Kay-Kok, a Netherlands-based photography connoisseur, shared some useful tips on creating some great pictures with forced perspective.

“When you’re shooting alone, getting a forced perspective composition just right can be difficult. Unless you’re working with objects that are within hand’s reach, you’ll have to walk back and forth to reposition the subjects and check their position in your viewfinder, over and over.”

This Woman Seems As If She’s A Giant Lounging In The Ocean On A Large Mountain

Does This Count?

The Way My Friend’s Uncle Is Sitting Makes Him Look Like A Giant

Turns out, with another person, you’ll be able to make the necessary adjustments hassle-free. If you’re alone, though, good props may be an option too. Stephanie suggests that the best props relate to the environment somehow, strengthening the connection between the foreground and background.

In the end, make sure you have the right composition, as it’s key in forced perspective. Place the objects in the environment so that they serve your vision, and make sure you experiment a little. Look for creative angles and out-of-the-box ideas to make the shoot more entertaining.

A Giant Hanging From A Waterfall

Tiny Kid, Giant Dad

Thank You, Google

My Friends Look Like Giants

Giant Lady Leans On Building

My Brother Looks Like A Giant In This Easter Pic

The Optical Illusion Of This Photograph Makes It Look Like There Is A Micro-Human Next To My Mate

This Optical Illusion Makes My Friend Look Like A Giant

We Were Taking Photos One Day On A Beach In Mexico

Giant Baby

Took This Photo, Later Realized That She Looked Huge

This Photo Makes Me And My Friends Look Like Giants In A Forest

A Giant At The Muscle Beach

Accidental Forced Perspective Makes Me Look Like A Giant

The Lighting At My School’s Talent Show Made This Picture Look Photoshopped

My Friend Took A Photo Of Me Sitting On A Wall That Ended Up Looking Like A Giant Sitting On The End Of A Pier

My Grandfather Looks Like A Giant In This Photo

Illusion At Mt. Woodson

I Look Like A Giant In This Picture

This Picture My Brother Took In Ireland Makes It Look Like He’s A Giant Walking Around The Countryside

The Miniature Shopping Carts At The Local Pharmacy Make My 11-Month-Old Son Look Like A Giant

I’m Not A Giant , I’m Just Installing New Flooring At A Pre-School

Photographing A Waterfall Miniature

Is That A Giant Kneeling On Water?

Giant Caught Standing On A Beach

This Newlywed Couple In Ireland Look Like Giants

I Captured A Giant

From The Angle I Took This From, My Friend Looks Like A Giant

My Older Sister Holding My 2 Giant Sons Around 1-Year-Old Each

My husband’s 6 ft and the shortest of the men in his family. His dad’s family is like purely Norwegian and massive (even a few ladies are over 6 ft).
And my sister is small (4’11”-5’0”).
The boys are both 90th percentile for height. My 1-year-old wears 2T clothing. My 3-year-old wears 5-6 year-old clothing.

My Kids On A Cliff Looking At The Ocean Makes Them Look Like Giants

Photo Of Me Fixing Xbox Inadvertently Makes Me Look Like A Giant

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