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40+ Times When Nature Successfully Took Back What’s Hers

Even though seeing nature slowly creep over man-made structures can make you question how temporary everything surrounding us is, it’s a beautiful sight nevertheless. From traffic signs to entire cities – see how nature slowly reclaims what’s hers in the gallery below!

Amazing Abandoned 13th Century Château Located In France

In 1932 a fire broke out and caused devastating damage to the building and its contents. It has since been left to the elements.

An Abandoned Church In France

Someone Added Googley Eyes To This Tree Consuming A Bridge

Abandoned House, Norway Style

Abandoned Apartment Building Being Claimed By The Sea In The Former Fishing Village Of Kirovsky, Russia

Statue Of Buddha Being Reclaimed By Mangrove Forest

The Desert Reclaiming Territories In Namibia. Now A Ghost Town, Kolmanskop Was Once An Oasis Where Miners Lived

Trees Sprouted On Top Of Abandoned Chimneys

I Saw A Tree Eating A Stop Sign

Scola Tower, Liguria, Italy

Abandoned Bike Reclaimed By Ivy

Mother Nature Is Calling. Somewhere In China

Trees Grow Inside The Hull Of A Sunken Ship

Abandoned Asylum In Italy That Has Been Touched By Bob Ross

Destined To Be Green. Abandoned Escalator

Shrine In Japan

This Tree Grew Over A Grave Stone And Took The Cross With It

Earth Slowly Reclaiming An Abandoned Boat – SS City Of Adelaide, Wrecked Off The Coast Of Magnetic Island, Australia

A Barn Claimed By Kudzu In Tennessee

Overgrown Roller Coaster

Abandoned Railway Bridge In Czech Republic

Mushrooms Growing Through The Floor!

This Tree I Found Growing In An Old Silo

This Building Was Completely Overgrown By Ivy

Abandoned Stone Cottage. Sneem/Kenmare, Ireland

Just A Little Moss, It Will Buff Out

Lost Road In WA

I Grew Up On The Puerto Rico Navy Base Which Closed In 2004. It’s Now Overgrown And Taken Over By Nature

I found a picture of the road I grew up on- this is the part after the hill behind me. It makes me sad, there were lots of good memories there.

 I Found A Tree Growing Through Speed Limit Sign

This Tree Has Almost Completely Overgrown A Large Metal Sign Posted On It

Abandoned Car In Beijing

This Street Sign Has Been Covered By This Tree

Colony Of Moss Growing Inside A Bike Seat

A Tree Eating A Fence

Abandoned City Akarmara, Abkhazia

A Sacred Tree Reclaiming An Occupied 5 Story Building In An Old Section Of Downtown Kolkata

Road washed out by flood, WA state

This Tree Near My School Track That Absorbed A Fence And Shows The Pattern On The Bark

Nature Winning The Battle Against Civilization In The Exclusion Zone Around Chernobyl

Cactus In A Rain Gutter

This Tree Has Nearly Totally Grown Around A Sign

Abandoned Office Found With Lots Of Moss And Mold

An Old Abandoned Road Slowly Healing Over And Being Reclaimed By Nature

Found A Shoe In The Woods

These Plants Growing Out Of Someone’s Car

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