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40 Winners Of The Most Epic Photoshop Battles

Every week the subreddit holds a battle where an image is given and the users submit their most creative manipulations. From friendly bears to majestic ducklings, check out the winning images from the most epic photoshop battles in the gallery below!

Man Holding Fish While Bear Stands Behind Him

These Micro-Mushrooms On A Leaf

This Cunning Duckling

This Dad And Son Cat

This Tree That Was Struck By Lightning

A Hawk Staring At The Camera

This Mount Fuji, Japan – Pink Valley

This Fishing Leopard

Dog In Shoes Leading The Way

This Smirking Dog

Angry Baby

Cat Beard

Pringles Ringle

This “Captain Canada” Cosplay

Golden Retriever Who Played In Freshly Mowed Lawn

This Pissed Cat

This Cute Retriever’s Face Perfectly Centered Behind A Decorative Cast Iron Fence

Keanu Reeves Running From This Paparazzi After Stealing His Camera

Police Dog With $10m In Confiscated Weed

This Impala With A Spider Between Its Antler

Flower Cat

Fire Fighter In Front Of Californian Wildfires

Porcupine Walking On Its Hind Legs

Hedgehog In A Field Of Daisies

Parents Feeding Their Kids

This Security Guard Eagerly Chasing A Streaking Swimsuit Model

This Big Dog In A Sink

Kitten In Midair

This Dude And His Jacket

Puppy In A Shopping Cart

Trump Sandwich.

Goat Sitting On A House

Dog With Melon Helmet!

This Man’s Haircut

Monkey Getting A Banana

Dwayne Wade Falling Into Chrissy Teigen And John Legend

This Dog Wearing A Helmet And Tag That Reads Snuffles

Leslie And Kit

French President Celebrating

This Shaved Husky

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