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42 Instances of Mildly Intriguing Moments Captured in Photos

A compilation of 42 photographs showcasing those little quirks and oddities that offer a glimpse into the mildly fascinating side of everyday life.

Two, Random, Yet Almost Identical, Boomers

Local Creamery Has Beef With Chase Bank

I Was Taking A Photo Of A Deer On A Trip And Another Deer Came Out And Smooched It

This T-Shirt Company Puts A Picture Of The Person Who Made It On The Tag

My Local Hospital Has Examples Of When You May Need An Urgent Care vs. An Er

The Print On My Daughter’s Crib Sheet Doesn’t Show On Her Monitor

The Hotel I’m Staying In Has A Dvd Player And A Collection Of Dvds You Can Watch

These Tampons Expire On January 8, 3000

Japanese Gum Comes With A Pad Of Paper To Wrap It Up And Throw It Away Later

The Uneven Usage Of My Sons Colouring Pencils – With A Clear Favourite

My Partner And I Saw The Same Movie On The Same Day 3 Different Times Years Before We Met

They Have Baguette Vending Machines In France

My Flesh-Eating Spider Bite Turned Into A Heart-Shaped Scar

My Local Gas Station Has To Put A Sign In The Milk Section Cause People Open The Milk To Put It In Their Coffee, Then Put It Back

A Rabies Vaccines That Is Airdropped In The Woods For Raccoons To Eat

A Reflection From My Friend’s Phone Created A Pink Floyd Album Cover On Her Hazard Button

My Friends Cat Got Shaved At The Vet And Now She Looks Like A Game Of Exquisite Corpse

The Difference Between My Brother And I’s Tan

Fake Ids Confiscated In A College Town

My Friend’s Dog Has Megaesophagus So They Feed Him Upright In A Special Chair

My Cat Had To Have All Of His Teeth Removed

My Clothing Pegs Explode When Used

I’m Currently Working In A Seaside Hospital Where The Salty Air Causes Everything To Rust. The Rust From The Fans Spray On The Walls!

I Came Across A Blue Mushroom

My Apple Iic That Lived In The Attic For 35 Years Still Works!

My Heart Pills In A Shape Of A Heart

This Car Is Full Of Bumper Stickers That Say Bumper Sticker

This Bar Has A Ice Strip To Keep Drinks Cold

My Dog Always Eats Exactly One Half Of Her Plate At A Time

My Boyfriends Beard Hair Grows In Like A Hurricane Pattern

Saharan Sand On My Car In The Middle Of The UK

Bank Gave Me Three Iterations Of The $100 Bill In A $1,100 Transaction

This Pepper I Grew Looks Just Like A Fruit Roll Up

This Burger King Still Use Their Furnitures From The 80s

Fanta In Italy Has No Dyes Or Artificial Flavors

This Instant Peanut Butter Machine At A Breakfast Buffet

Perfectly Circular, Connecting Burnout In My Neighborhood

One Of My Patients Asked For A Rollings Stones Logo On Their Crown So We Painted This For Them

My Skin Is Translucent

How Sun-Bleached These Vhs Tapes Are. The Whole Display Was The Same

Pov You’re Short In The Netherlands And Can’t See In The Mirror

This Restaurant Named “Thai Food Near Me”

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