45 Times Things Looked Like Food, But Weren’t

From snakes that look like bananas to bugs that look like berries, you’ll want to take a bite out of all of these things, even if you know they’re inedible. Just be careful to not open a can of forbidden tuna by accident!

Check out the most mouth-watering inedible things in the gallery below!

Forbidden Flour

Saw This Rock And Thought It Was A Cheesecake

I Thought This Pine Cone Looked Like A Stack Of Pancakes, So I Made Some Butter Out Of Some Fallen Leaves

Freshly Baked Baguette

Look At This Tiny Bunch Of Bananas

Too Hot Outside. My Dog Turned Into A Rotisserie Chicken

Delicious Sushi

First Visit To Fuerteventura, Found This Beach Ten Mins Drive From Our Hotel. The Rocks Look Like Popcorn

Forbidden Jelly Beans (Assorted Flavors)

Had To Stop My Wife From Drinking This Forbidden Orange Juice

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