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45 Weird And Funny Things People Found On The Subway

Some people actually find subway rides quite entertaining and try to capture all of the crazy things they stumble upon. From Robert Downey Jr. clones to live chickens being transported, check out the weirdest things people spotted on the subway in the gallery below!

This Punk Helping A Woman Carry Heavy Stuff In Berlin’s Subway

You Can’t Bring Your Dog On The Subway In New York Unless It Fits In A Bag

My New Spirit Animal

Some Relationships Are Inspiring

I think these two would do anything for each other. Owner is toting his pet via a customized back carrier and getting an appreciative paw hug the whole time. I have never seen so many smiles on the Uptown A Train.

Iron Man Is Alive

When You Match The Subway

If I Ignore Them, Maybe They’ll Go Away

Sooooo, My Friend Found His Doppleganger In The Subway Last Night

Would You Accept?

Perfect Timing

The Tube’s Infamous “Balloon Bandit”. He Makes Balloon Animals And Quickly Goes Back To His Book

On The Train On The Way Home From Oktoberfest

This Guy Has A Turtle Shell Backpack

This Sign On The London Underground Reminding People To Respect The British Culture

Just Another Day On The Subway

Chilling Out On The Tube… Like A Boss

More Concerned About The Guy On The Bottom Right Tbh

Dad’s Trying To Keep Up With Technology

Sleepy Pup On His Way Downtown

Einstein Achieves Time Travel (Subway, Buenos Aires)

His Name Is John Cena

We’ve Reached That Point Of Summer Where Pad Installation Is Necessary

Taking The Underground Subway In Seoul. I Stumbled Upon A Train That Had Been Converted Into A Grocery Store

This Pigeon Is Out Here Looking Like Every NYer Waiting For The Train

Thought Of You All When I Saw This Guy Selling Plants On My Subway Ride Home. He Kept Saying Things Like “I Don’t Sell Weed, I Just Sell Tropical Plants”

Actually Pretty High Odds

Some Would Call It Art

Not Books

On The Way To Pick Up Their Kids From Their Ex Wives

There Was A Fight At My Subway Stop, This Was The Aftermath

Someone’s Enjoying Their Evening Commute

London Underground Seems Weird Today

This Is Art

Normal Morning Until I Took The Subway

Just What The Heck, New York

Ladies And Gentlemen, I Give You The World’s Worst Person

Pet Bananas Are Allowed In Subway As Long As They Are On A Leash

So NYC MTA (Subway) Banned All Dogs Unless The Owner Carries Them In A Bag. I Think This Owner Nailed It

A Cinderella Story

This Guy’s Lunch Made It Onto The Train Without Him This Morning

The Only Guy Guaranteed A Seat On The Tube At Rush Hour

If The Shirt Fits!

Russian Metro

Fixing Broken Subway Doors, The German Way

Saw This On The Subway

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