50 Times Grandparents Made Our Lives More Entertaining

Whether on purpose or not, the older generation can often be surprisingly hilarious. Sometimes they don’t fully understand why their actions make everyone laugh, and sometimes they go for it with full confidence, without any shame or embarrassment that’s common for younger people. After all, as you grow older you realize that it doesn’t really matter what others think of you, so why not have a little fun whilst you can.

Scroll down to see the list of funny pops and nanas and get your daily dose of giggles.

So It Was My Grandma’s 69th Birthday, I Thought You Might Enjoy The Cake She Made

ATM Security Level: Grandma

Neighbours Claim The Speeding Problem On Their Street Has Been Solved After This Grandma Started Using Her Hair Dryer

My Grandma Got Bit By A Pelican On The Pier And Then Began To Scold It

Grandma Put A Magazine Cut Out Of Leonardo DiCaprio Over Her Late (Not So Nice) Husband’s Face. The 80+ Year Old’s Version Of Photoshop

Found On A Grandma’s Camera After A New Year’s Cruise

My Grandparents Were Waiting For Each Other At The Mall

My Grandma Posted This On Facebook This Morning

Prankmaster Grandma

My Friend Had A Medieval Themed Wedding And Her Grandpa Showed Up Like This

Getting My Grandma A Camera Phone Was The Best Decision I Ever Made. The Cat Might Disagree

I Left My Pajamas At Home But My Grandma Said She Had Something I Could Wear And Then She Brought Back This

Grandma’s Butter Dish

My Best Friend’s Grandma (83-Year-Old) Made Herself A Profile In Facebook Today. This Is Her Profile Picture

My Grandmother Pins Cat Hair To Trees So Birds Can Make Luxury Nests. So Damn Thoughtful

Came Back From Work And Found Out Grandma Patched Up My Distressed Jeans. I Can’t Stop Laughing, Lol

My Friend’s Grandma Commented On Her Status

I’m Going To Hell But She Looks Like The Grandmother From Tweety, Right?

My Grandpa Had An Amazing Sense Of Humor

My Friend Posted A Picture Of Her Grandparents On Thanksgiving, It Definitely Needed More Exposure. Cheers To Being This Cool When I’m Old

My Grandma With Alzheimer’s At My Wedding. She Asked – “Where’s The Body?”

My Husband’s Grandma. The Resemblance Is Uncanny

My Italian Grandma Came In Town. This Is Her Suitcase

Grandpa Does Not Want To Be In Painting Class

My Grandma Thought This Was A Cross So She Hung It Up. I Decided Not To Correct Her

My Grandpa Keeps A Detailed Record Of All Maintenance On His Car In This Memo Book. This Was His Last Entry:

This Has To Be My Favorite Picture Of My Grandpa. Well And Technically My Grandma Too

Found This Hidden Behind Some Jars In My Widowed, 86-Years-Old Grandma’s Kitchen. I Guess We All Have Our Dirty Little Secrets

Grandma Tried To Record The Halftime Show

Three Broken Ribs Yet Grandma Still Knows How To Keep Her Spirits Up During Hard Times

Princess Leia And R2D2 (My Grandpa’s Costume)

My Grandma Thinks This Might Be Her Last Year, So This Is The Photo We Took At Christmas Dinner (We Are Not Religious)

My Grandfather And His Friends Recently Got iPhones

My Grandma Is Moving And Spent 30 Plus Hours Making A Scaled Version Of Her New Room And Furniture (Accurate To The Inch). The Actual Move Took 1/10th That Time

Grandma Enjoying The Baseball Game

I Spilled Water On My Phone And Asked My Grandfather To Put It In Rice To Dry It Out. He Thought I Meant Cook It With Rice

My Grandfather Used To Brag About All The Pool Parties He Went To At His Friend’s Backyard Pool. Just Found An Old Photo That Revealed This Was The Pool

When Grandpa Discovered Facebook

Strangest Party I’ve Ever Been To. Happy 80th, Grandma!

My Grandma Has Had This “Decorative Rock” On Her Table For 8 Years. I Don’t Have The Heart To Tell Her

My SO’s Grandma Doesn’t Seem To Like Swear Words In Books

Grandpa Eugene Had Professional Pictures Taken Of Himself For His Christmas Cards

When My Grandma Died I Found This In Her Room, I Laughed So Hard And I Made Me Much More Happy

So This Is What Happens When Grandma Watches My Son And She Has An Abundance Of Wigs Lying Around From Her Cancer Treatments

I Found Batman Glasses And Forgot I Left Them In My Grandpa’s Car. He Sent Me This Picture

My Granny Knitted A Sombrero For My Hamster

So I Visited My Grandparents Yesterday

Troll Level: Grandpa

Esther’s Granddaughter Is Single

My 71-Year-Old Grandpa Got Stuck In The Bathroom. His Only Weapon Was The Toilet Tank Lid

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