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70 Weirdest Things People Spotted On Public Transport

Anyone who has ever taken public transport to go somewhere will tell you that it’s a place where you can spot all sorts of weird people. Drunks, gopniks, babushkas with hundreds of bags – you name it. Someone even took it upon themselves to document all the weird stuff spotted on public transport in a hilarious Instagram account titled Humans of Trūlai (Humans of Trolleybuses).

“Time spent with cats is never wasted.”

Rokas says that a lot of thought goes into deciding if a picture is worth posting. “To decide if a particular picture is worth a post, I’m trying to figure out whether it would enrich social media or trash it. At first, I consider the originality of the photo/video,” says the man. “It can’t be a repost or something lame in general as the idea behind the project is to create unique, independent content that isn’t toadying to anything or anyone.”

“Ideally, the photo/video makes up for about half of the entire gag. The other half is the caption, so, the more interesting and abstract the image or recording is, the more freedom there is to create a captivating caption,” says Rokas.

Remember stuart little? this is him now. feel old yet?

Rokas says that the best captions usually come spontaneously during the first review of the submissions. “If you’re overthinking it, it might end up too complex, forced, and only you and a couple more people can understand it. I don’t have one rule on how to craft the perfect caption, I just try to feel it out, make it something that compliments the picture/video without overpowering it,” says the man.

Check out the weirdest people spotted on public transport in the gallery below!

When she used to call me on my cellphone

When the other girl wears the same dress on prom as you

Not sure how to feel on this one

Meanwhile in Klaipėda

Dobby is no longer a free elf, he has a master

If it’s stupid but it works, it ain’t stupid

How do you see yourself in 20 years?

“Shine bright like a trolleybus”

Relax fm

Wonder woman – Vengeance of Trolleybuses

Summertime sadness begins

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