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71 Years Ago, She Paid $18 For Her Wedding Dress. But Look Closely And You’ll See Why…

Edwin Morgan is one of those men from the United State’s greatest generation. Back when Hitler declared war on America, Ed was one of the many men and women who signed up to do their part to “fight the good fight.”

So after fighting for months and months in Europe against Nazi storm troopers, Edwin can proudly say that he was there when victory in Europe was officially declared. After so much death and destruction, it was time to rest, relax, and go home! But first, he decided to take a few souvenirs with him to remember his time when he was in the war!

It turns out that one of those pieces of memorabilia was none other than a Luftwaffe pilot’s emergency parachute. Edwin decided to bring the piece home to show off to all of his friends.

A bit later, once Edwin was back in the states, he fell in love with his neighbor Betty. Even though he was always a bit of a lady’s man, it ended up being the girl next door whom he was meant to be with. And as the couple realized they should get married, Betty wondered where she should get her wedding dress from.

Betty’s future mother-in-law suggested that her wedding dress was already nearby. Since cloth was at a premium, Betty eventually realized this was a pragmatic idea. And after a bit of work from a skilled tailor, this parachute was transformed into a beautiful wedding dress that can truly be called “one of a kind!”

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