8 Times Girlfriends And Boyfriends Shared The Same Images On Instagram, But Created Absolutely Different Captions

Coming up with cool Instagram captions is probably the hardest part of an upload. If you’re also having trouble with it, here’s an idea (sorry forever-alone people, it only works if you’re in a relationship). Lately, Instagrammers have been using captions to hilariously highlight gender differences within a couple, and everything started because of a single football game.

Isabella Koval has posted a photo to Instagram, captioning it “Always a blast [with] my bff.” Her boyfriend Justin uploaded the same photo to his account, but wrote something different: “sitting here trying to explain football to this uncultured swine.” Isabella then posted a side-by-side comparison of their posts to her Twitter and all hell broke loose.

Meet Isabella Koval and her boyfriend Justin, the couple responsible for the fresh “My post vs my boyfriend’s post” internet trend

Everything took off after this tweet

Where Isabella highlighted the difference between her and her bf’s captions for the same photo

Relating to the whole situation, other couples quickly followed

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