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A Colombian Artist Turns Deep Truths Into Charming Comics, and We Just Can’t Get Enough

Which of these illustrations did you feel like you could relate to the most? We’d love to find out what you think of them!

Together in this life and for all eternity

The reality of being in a long-term relationship with your loved one — eventually we let ourselves go because we feel comfortable.

Having supportive friends and family is the number one thing that can get us through anything, including bullying.

When you have that gut feeling you’ve found the one:

The excitement we all feel when we get paid, and then the disappointment we have when we realize that our bills are due

We start going to the gym feeling like the second dice while dreaming about looking like the first one.

The sad reality of our phone addiction and the intelligence of our best friends

When you love someone so much, you trust them completely and you become an open book — you want them to know everything about you!

The saying, “reach for the stars, fall along the moon” doesn’t really apply to sea life…

This is how we feel when we start training the first week — broken in half like a cookie…

The visual side of the “power of knowledge” — the more knowledge you acquire, the more your mind flourishes.

Love is in the little gestures. However, what you really need in most cases is your other half.

First there is excitement, then comes love, and finally, we turn into raisins with our loved ones.

Smiles are contagious! If you see someone feeling down, a simple smile can make them shine like a rainbow.

This illustration depicts our most common feeling in the morning of being stuck to the bed with no ability to move.

The keyring proposal, so that they’ll forever be together and still open their own doors…

The feeling we all get when we really need an extra hot shower! We could just melt in the shower to stay warm.

Don’t talk to non-morning people before they’ve had their coffee! Even owls can relate when they need their extra caffeine boost.

Showing our true hunger at dinner a few dates in:

How our phones and the internet distract us from enjoying nature:

For all people born in December, trust us, we understand the struggle of getting one gift for both occasions.

When it comes to laying around, the older you get, the guiltier you feel.

How parents feel when their teenage kids go out with revealing clothes:

Dating advice from penguins

Every time someone compliments you and you start over-thinking how you do stuff:

Well, this explains how dinosaurs went extinct…

The marriage union of 2 love notes

Our regular reactions when we check our phones: we don’t care about those annoying emails that keep coming in.

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