Art Funny

A Ukrainian Artist Inserts Heroes From Classical Paintings Into Our World, It’s Eerie How Perfectly They Fit

The World Cup was on everyone’s mind.

Office routine

“Put another dime in the jukebox, DJ!”

They’d probably like Facebook too!

“Oh no, this sounds worse than hens clucking.”

“Hey, whose leg is that?”

Beatles 2.0

“Bartender, how much does is this one?”

“The same bus everyday…”

“Nooo, dude! That’s not my size!”

“Hey pretty lady, wow!”

“We need these copies for our presentation, hurry up.”

“Bro, are you ok?”

Fashion week

Bored trio

Don’t accept rides from strangers.

Summer feels

“Which color should I choose?”

“Shaved head is the new black, trust me.”

Morning meetings

“Sorry, how do we get to Rome?”

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