Amazing Real-Life Disney Lookalikes (Celebrity Edition)

Have you ever looked at someone’s face and thought “gosh darn it, this person looks exactly like that one Disney character from that one animated movie”? Well, if you haven’t – you’re about to, as I’m going to show you 20 celebs, mostly actors and actresses, who are the living, breathing carbon copies of your favorite Disney characters.

You’re here for the pictures, and I don’t really know what else to add, so let’s just get the show started.


1. Rapunzel and Amanda Seyfried

2. Dr. Facilier and Prince

3. Tinker Bell and Michelle Williams

4. Cheshire Cat and Nicki Minaj

5. Prince Eric and Matt Bomer

6. The Fairy Godmother and Betty White

7. Pocahontas and Irene Bedard

8. Ariel and Isla Fisher

9. Genie and Robin Williams

10. Jasmine and Selena Gomez

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