An Artist Shows a Destroyed Disney World, and It Makes Us Think About Saving Our Own

1. Mulan wearing a mask because of air pollution

2. Ariel trying to survive in the polluted waters of the sea

3. Even Elsa couldn’t save the polar ice caps from melting.

4. Lightning McQueen stuck in traffic

5. The Hundred Acre deforestation

6. Simba lives at the zoo now.

7. Nani, Lilo, and Stich begging for money in the streets.

8. Pocahontas in the Indian casino

9. The concrete jungle wasn’t quite what Tarzan was expecting.

10. Mowgli faces reality

11. Dumbo ended up in the circus.

12. Sebastian got caught.

13. Esmeralda in hiding

14. Belle wants to be more beautiful.

15. Phillip seducing Aurora in a bar

16. Remy in a cosmetic testing center

17. Bambi became a trophy.

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