This Artist Shows How Pop Culture Icons Would Look In Real Life, And It Will Give You Nightmares

When you think about your fondest childhood memories, some of them probably include the friendly cartoon faces that popped up on your TV screen every morning. You probably won’t feel the same way after seeing this post.

Australian digital artist Wil Hughes, who studies animation at Griffith University in Brisbane, has a unique talent; he turns beloved, usually family-friendly pop culture icons into nightmarish demons that look like they clawed their way straight out of Hell. If you’ve never been scared of Homer Simpson, Where’s Waldo, or Spongebob before, you will be now – though, let’s be honest, we were all a little creeped out by Ronald McDonald to begin with. Through his masterful use of shading, he creates realistic textures that give his horrifying portraits a 3D look.

Though Hughes’ work is definitely unsettling, he’s developed quite a fan base, and they argue that it’s quirky and original. Check it out (at your own risk) below, and get ready to never sleep again.

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