Awesome Photos Only People With Immature Sense of Humor Will Enjoy

All aboard the BJ tour!

Butt for sale, anyone?

My friend’s wife bought new couch pillows you can draw on. My Immature friend couldn’t resist

A little spray paint has changed the whole meaning of this sign

The picture you would like to share with your BAE

The secret message from Katie’s younger brother

Must be a funny guy who installed those lights

You have an immature mind if you see more than just plants

These titles were rearranged by a cheeky customer

Those with a wicked sense of humor can have plenty of material to play with

Are you ready?

At least it’s eye catching

This is the epitome of 14-year-old humor

A funny name for a Pokemon

You need a very dirty mind to get this one

You would not like your children to watch this cartoon

Hoping that’s a tail

This sign offers some pretty lousy advice

Thats one interesting farm

This made it to the front page of the reddit

After breaking up with your girl

This poll that seems to have called to a certain crowd

he question is does the plates leak?

Weirdest sign you will ever see while hiking

Cause two were not enough

The name of this specimen is hilarious

The uncompleted piece of art

This could be the best super power ever

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