Boyfriends And Husbands Who Raised The Bar Too High For Others!

Men generally have a reputation for being not too romantic. But there are some guys out there who are setting an example for others, that anybody can be hella romantic. Yep, you can make your girl feel special, by something really out of the box. These boyfriends and husbands have definitely raised the bar too high for other men out there. But for now, boys, watch and learn!

After watching these boyfriends and husbands you can be sure of one thing, they have raised the bar too high!

1. So every time she visits the bathroom she’s gonna come out smiling!

2. I definitely want my husband to do this for me <3

3. That is definitely something that would melt my heart right away!

4. Wow!

5. Dear Babe, I want you to make me one of these. 

6. So what if we can’t afford a real one right now, I can still build you a small fire. 

7. That is something I’d like. 

8. Oh my God! Please do this for me. 

10. Perks of having a husband who can really make his gardening skills count!

11. So, this couple couldn’t afford a Christmas tree, so the husband made this little surprise for his wife. Because all that matters is the love and effort right?!

12. Such a beautiful memory.

13. I bet she was shocked in a good way. 

14. The love is beyond measure in this one!

15. I want one of these!

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16. Ohh this definitely looks enchanted to me!

17. Aww!

18. I bet this cute little surprise took her breath away!

19.This is pretty cool.

20. Is this romantic or what!

21. She came home a bit drunk one night, so her husband had this set up ready for her with all the necessary requirements ready!

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22. Stairway to Christmas. 

23. This painting *_*

24. He crafted her an Elvish Ring for their engagement. 

25. He built a cupcake Ferris wheel for their wedding!

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