Brilliant Small Inventions That Make Our Life A Little Bit Easier

We live in an era of technological advancements. People are more educated nowadays, and they have more access to resources that help advance technology through experimentation and inventions. Some inventions receive such a worldwide recognition that people consider them indispensable and refuse to even live without them. However, these inventions we are about to show you today aren’t guaranteed necessities in our daily lives, but they are cool and brilliant ideas that could without any doubt make our life a little bit easier.

1. This swing is made to accommodate a parent and a baby at same time.

2. This picnic bench is purposely made to also cater to wheelchair users.

3. This restaurant table has a spill-proof slot for your phone.

4. These shopping carts come with magnifying glasses to help you see small product labels.

5. This pen shows how many pages left is the ink able to write.

6. This car park has corresponding symbols for each floor for ease of recalling where you park.

7. This cinema fixed monitors on toilets so won’t miss a scene whenever nature calls.

8. This specifically labeled soap for before and after eating.

9. This ginormous fridge is made for consumers to assess winter clothing performance.

10. These toilets in a cafe are built with signs to show you from afar when it’s occupied.

11. This alarm clock displays time on all three sides so you wouldn’t have to turn it.

12. This taxi is built with a silent alarm in case of trouble.

13. This toaster has settings to suit even more toast specifications.

14. The toilet roll is made with a core of miniature toilet roll instead of the regular cardboard.

15. This urinal has splash guards for shoes.

16. This urinal has head rests for those who are a little tipsy.

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