British Woman Destroys Scammer In The Most Brilliant Way, And It’s Impossible Not To Laugh

When a stranger sends you a chat request on Facebook, it’s usually a good idea to just ignore it. One British woman received a message from an Indian man she’d never seen before, and rather than simply dismissing him, she decided to find out what he was all about. What ensued was a massively hilarious conversation that most likely left the guy wiping away tears of shame.

The encounter seems at least inspired by ‘Barbara O’Cumbungle,’ the woman who exposed a fraudulent Nigerian priest over the summer, if not directly carried out by her under a new alias – ‘Fellatia McSuckle.’ Either way, this scammer had no idea what he was getting into, and you just have to scroll down and find out what happened.

On a serious note, if someone you met online is asking you for money, it’s a wise idea to treat it with the utmost suspicion, no matter what reasons they give. Blocking is best, but if you’re in a comical mood, feel free to use this post as a template for your response.

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