15 Cool Things That Were Killed by Modern Technology

Did you used to enjoy wild parties on Friday nights? Before your first child was born did you play games guessing the baby’s gender? Do you have a library full of music CDs of which you painstakingly arranged the songs you burned onto them? Do you feel nostalgic about the things you used to be able to do before new technology entered the picture? If you answered yes, you’re not alone.

1. Face-to-face interaction

The fun of meeting and chatting with friends during the weekends has now been replaced with video chats and texting. While some may argue that modern technology has made communication more efficient, it surely has drained the emotional aspect of it.

2. Receiving greeting cards

The excitement we felt after receiving greeting cards from someone special has now been replaced by ecards and emails.

3. Surprise visits

In years’ past, it was perfectly normal to visit a friend unannounced to hang out together. In today’s era of mobile phones, seldom will someone pay a visit to a friend without informing them first. Gate-crashing is no longer as fun as it used to be.

4. Reading the newspaper

There was nothing more relaxing than waking up in the morning and flipping through the pages of a crisp newspaper while sipping on a cup of coffee — or taking the newspaper with us to the toilet if they we had some time to spare. Somehow, the e-ink displays we use to read about current events don’t provide us with the same pleasure.

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