Couples Who Were Just Not Meant To Be Together

It is fair to say that not all relationship last forever, because that’s just how life goes. Nobody is guaranteed to live in a fairytale until the end of time, so we need to keep it real and just accept things for what they are.

However, sometimes there isn’t even room for guessing whether a relationship would last or not, because there are just too many signs that it is not going to work. If someone fails to notice the huge red flag, there will surely be consequences to suffer pretty soon. If you are not sure what exactly we are talking about, just scroll down and see the photos.

1. Too much booze causes problems

This is a situation that nobody would like to be a part of. It seems that this dude completely forgot that his girlfriend was still on his shoulders and he did not hesitate when he had the chance to grab another woman. The passionate kiss seems to be a huge surprise for the woman on top, and we hope she reacted accordingly.

2. Men, please do not follow this example

It is no secret that women love attention and they want to feel special. If a woman finds this list of suggested greeting messages found online, you could bet that things would not end well for her man. What was this guy thinking anyway?

3. This is what happens when trust issues settle in

We have all seen how this works in numerous Hollywood movies, but we never thought we would see it in real life. This man maybe found the tracker by chance, or he was suspicious that his wife could do such a thing.

4. Mark may just have created the perfect relationship

On second thought, we guess that it is not going to work for a longer period of time. Just imagine if one of those inflatable companions gets a puncture; it would probably be a tragic moment for this dude. And having a conversation with them would be a difficult task, except if you’re a lunatic.

5. All teens thing they have it all figured out

We are getting tired of seeing this, but we guess that it is just a period that all girls go through. Thinking that you are going to be with the boy you began dating in school is kind of romantic and such relationships exist, but in most cases the eternal love ends during the first semester in college.

6. This dude had a flying start in his relationship

Not all relationships begin immediately after the couple meets for the first time, and it is probably the better option to take your time and get to know each other. However, some people really push it and decide to go for it despite they know literally nothing about each other.

7. Puzzle tattoos need to be executed perfectly

The idea about showing to everyone how much of a perfect fit you and your significant other are is a nice one, but it needs to be done perfectly in order to carry that message. This photo shows the exact opposite of how it should be done, and the user who captioned the photo really said it all.

8. In some cases there are no words needed to tell about the relationship

This happens more than often; showing some respect for your spouse is often related to appreciating their efforts. Preparing this cake definitely took some effort, but it was obviously not valued enough by the man in the family, which would surely result in a feud.

9. If you are asked for your opinion, you might as well give

Surely this is not a major problem that requires two people to solve it, but it is not the point here. What is really important is that the woman asked her man for his opinion because it mattered to her. You could clearly see that the man is up for some rough times ahead.

10. We can see the end of that one

You don’t need to have some psychic powers to determine how this situation ended. People who try to lie and cheat on their partner deserve such harsh endings, because being unfaithful really has no way of justification.

11. Doing such a thing is the definition of ‘risk’

We really do hope that Caroline agreed to marry him; otherwise it was probably a really awkward situation. When you think about it, there is one other important thing – the marriage also needs to last, or that tattoo must go, which would be really painful.

12. Dad was in trouble for sure

We all appreciate a good sense of humor, but there are certain things that you are not advised to joke about; your wife’s beauty and appearance are on the top of that list. We are glad that it was a family group chat and people outside the family were not able to see the photo.

13. This couple is doomed

The relationship between these two will not last for too long, judging by the reaction of the man’s mother. To say she doesn’t look thrilled would be an understatement, and we could imagine what she would do to separate them, because there are a lot of soap operas for inspiration.

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