Creepy Actors Who Are Actually Pretty Attractive In Real Life

When it comes to movies, nothing is impossible. Women transform into aliens, fashion models play music stars, men become beasts, and really attractive actors and actresses turn into the creepiest creatures on the silver screen.

We often can’t look past the outer layer of horrifying makeup mixed with some serious CGI and other special effects, but the more interesting it is to look back on some of the most iconic horror movie roles and figure out who was hiding beneath all those sharp teeth, unsettling smiles, and piles of dirt. Here are 10 creepy actors and actresses who are actually pretty attractive in real life.

Bill Skarsgard, It
The new rendition of It is killing it in the box office, while Bill Skarsgard is killing the rest of the world with his handsome looks. It’s almost impossible to recognize him under those layers of freakish makeup and that devilish clown smile, but there’s no denying the fact – that’s one of the hottest ‘creepy actors’ we’ve ever seen! Quick fact: Bill Skarsgard has developed this disturbing smile of his when he was just a little boy, so he used it to run around scaring people, including his younger brother, Valter.

Daveigh Chase, The Ring
The analog age of video tapes is long gone, so a ghost story about a cursed videotape doesn’t sound as scary today as it was back in 2002. Nevertheless, Samara Morgan from The Ring is one of the most iconic horror characters of all time, rocking long black hair and a dirty white robe that’s became an inspiration for numerous Halloween looks all over the world. Daveigh, on the other hand, is a pretty young woman that looks nothing like the monster she once portrayed on screen.

Naomi Grossman, American Horror Story
Who could have thought that Pepper from AHS: Asylum and AHS: Freak Show is an incredibly attractive woman in real life? American Horror Story is famous for its freaky characters, with gorgeous and handsome people playing some borderline disturbing roles, but Naomi Grossman had to go even further and change her whole appearance for the role in the show. Despite her disturbing looks, Pepper is one of the least dangerous characters on the show and is quite harmless, compared to the others.

Delphine Chanéac, Splice
Splice is one of those underrated sci-fi movies that haven’t hit the box office hard, but still deserves a few mentions when it comes to humans, cloning, and alien life forms. Dren, played by Delphine Chaneac, is a part human, part animal creature that has developed some kind of conscience, therefore, deserves a better treatment than it got in the movie. The creature itself is more disturbing than beautiful, which we can’t say about gorgeous Delphine Chaneac. This woman is pure beauty!

Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight
What is it about good-looking actors that makes them such superb creepy-looking villains? Many people had their doubts about Heath Ledger playing one of the most iconic DC villains, but boy, were they wrong! Not only did Heath Ledger look the part, but he also showcased some pretty hardcore acting skills that allowed him to portray the Joker in an eerily believable way. But in real life? He was one of the cutest actors out there.

Manu Bennett, The Hobbit Trilogy
It’s hard to look past Azog’s scary features and see the attractive hunk, Manu Bennett, that’s hiding underneath all that makeup and CGI effects. First appearing in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Azog continued building his orc leader career and became one of the main characters in The Hobbit trilogy as well. It’s one of the most unbelievable transformations and we can only applaud Manu Bennett for this role!

Paul T. Taylor, Hellraiser X: Judgment
The 10th installment of the Hellraiser series, entitled Judgment, will have its most iconic character – the Pinhead – played by Paul T. Taylor. With Doug Bradley off the screen, fans are wondering what the new Pinhead will look like and will he be just as creepy and revolting as his previous incarnations? The first glimpses of Paul T. Taylor in his new role are more than promising and we’re about to see more of him soon. It wasn’t easy for Paul as his career took a huge blow while he had to fight Hepatitis C. Nevertheless, he landed the role of Pinhead and we can’t wait to see how it all turned out!

Matthew G. Taylor, Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Rarely do we think about who’s actually hiding under the skin of merciless monsters like Project Nemesis from Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Matthew G. Taylor was one of the few men that could pull off playing Nemesis as the actor was required to carry the studio’s mini gun that weighed over 60 lb., which is more than the weight of an average six-year-old. He had to carry it around single handedly! When first firing the prop, the actor was thrown back flying at the wall of the police station setup. He wasn’t expecting that at all!

Jodelle Ferland, Silent Hill
There’s hardly a horror movie that doesn’t have a creepy child going around singing nursery rhymes, who later gets possessed by some evil spirit or the Devil himself. Silent Hill has one, too! Jodelle Ferland played poor Alessa Gillespie that was killed at a young age as a sacrifice because the child possessed psychic powers and was born out of wedlock. Though she played a creepy child, Jodelle herself isn’t creepy at all. In fact, she’s grown up to be an incredibly attractive young woman; she’s in her twenties now.

Bolaji Badejo, Alien
The first ever Alien that we’ve seen on the big screen had an actual human inside (pun intended). Back in 1979 there was no CGI around and monsters had to be created the old-fashioned way – either with dummies and puppets, or with actual human beings wearing frightening costumes. Alien was just like that! Someone from the Alien’s casting crew spotted young Bolaji Badejo in a bar and instantly recognized his potential. Bodaji’s frame was perfect for the role – he was tall, slim, and had incredibly long arms and legs. He wasn’t a very well-known actor, but he acted his heart out playing the horrendous insect-like creature that’s became an iconic monster for years to come.

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