Divorce Summed Up In 7 Pics

Divorce is one of the most difficult tribulations a family can go through, but unless you’ve experienced it first-hand, it’s hard to visualize exactly how much damage it causes. An artist known only by the pen-name ‘Mac’ has illustrated how divorce affected their family in a simple, yet deeply saddening comic, and it’s guaranteed to give you all the feels you never asked for today.

While it’s true that every family deals with divorce differently, and some families even come out better and stronger after it all, an overwhelming number of Internet users identified strongly with the sordid tale of ‘Mac’ and his crumbling surroundings. “This should be required reading before having children,” one even wrote. We’ve collected accounts from some of these users to show both sides of this often bittersweet story.

See it for yourself below, and if you feel comfortable sharing, tell us how your family handled ‘the great divide’ in the comments.

Some people related to the comic strongly

While others had a much different experience

What does divorce mean to you? Tell us below!

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