Dogs And Cats That Destroyed Christmas

Your cat or dog might be the most adorable and innocent creature in the world, but when the holiday season comes around, they can suddenly become wild and unstoppable destroyers. Your house, with all of its Christmas decorations and especially your Christmas tree, becomes their terrible playground. These pictures capture some of the worst Christmas carnage we’ve ever seen.

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Oh Good, You’re Here. The Tree Just Fainted!

It hasn’t even been up for 3 minutes …

My Cat Ripped Open All The Presents Christmas Morning

My Work Here Is Done

I like candy canes

Clem’s Having A Good Time

It wasn’t me. I swear!

Dog Jumped In Christmas Tree After Cat

And It was Delicious

Which Is The Odd One Out?

Mom Put Up The Tree And We Helped!

It’s delicious!

Pretend Like Nothing Happened

So This Cat Helped With The Christmas Decorations…

Cat 1 – Christmas Tree 0

Giant Kitty Destroys Xmas-town

And To All A Good Night!

It’s Not Even Up Yet!!

Not Sure About This Whole Tree Thing

Undressing The Christmas Tree

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