‘Draw This Again’ Challenge Shows That Practice Makes Perfect

There are a lot of success formulas, but probably all of them consist of practice and time. This is especially true for drawing, where understanding proportions, shading, and other techniques can turn a crude circle with lines into a detailed realistic face. ‘Draw This Again!’ meme challenge invites artists to re-draw their old artwork and present them side-by-side for comparison, showcasing their dramatic progress.

From pencil self-portraits to vibrant watercolor character creation – these images prove that nobody was born an artist and the journey to mastering drawing involves a lot of patience and hard work. Have you also been drawing? Then post your version of ‘Draw This Again!’ below and don’t forget to vote for your favorite images!

2005 Vs 2017 By Jade Mere

About 10 Years Of Progress By Miles

Progress Of 11 Months By Itsmehoswa

Progression To Semi-Realistic Style By Abigail Diaz

About 9 Years Of Progress By Laura Brouwers

Year Progress By Zary

Draw Jessica Alba Again

Years Of Progress By Isvoc

I Repainted One Of My First Digital Paintings From 4 And A Half Years Ago By Sara Tepes

Improvement Of 4 Years By Noisebaskerville

Years Difference By Munchkinmay!

My Art 5years

Age 5 Vs Age 15 By Natalie Dementhon

Progress Of 3 Years By Amy Hussein

2008 Vs 2011 By Daria Widermanska

Redraw Of My First Monster By Rifal Jaelani

Redraw Of My First Monster By Rifal Jaelani

2015 Vs 2017 by Chibi-Megimoo

Year Difference By Claudia Sketches

Drawing Of Ginger Two Years Ago And Now.

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