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Epic Toy Design Fails That Are So Bad, It’s Hilarious

We’ve seen our share of crappy design, but store shelves are so abundant with them, there’s always more to poke fun at. For example, toys. They’re usually designed and made by adults, so you’d expect a considerable amount of consideration before manufacturing them, right? Well, not so much. Bored Panda has collected some of the most questionable toys to prove that some designers have no clue what they’re doing.

From a doll head, used as an actual pony tail to a psychotic Elmo, it seems ridiculous someone actually greenlighted these ideas. We’re pretty sure, however, that the employees who did had a ‘long talk’ with their bosses after the fact. Scroll down to check out what we mean and vote for the ones that made you cringe the most.

My Dog Destroyed Her Toy Cactus, And There Was Another Sad Cactus Inside

Chinese Toy

This Unfortunately Designed Kid’s Balloon

Why ??

My Four-Legged Duck

Cinderella’s Nose Job Didn’t Go As Planned

Austria. Home Of Kangaroos And Deserts

Shhh… It’ll Be Over Soon

This Fantastic Toy


When Designer Is Tired Of Drawing

My Little Sister’s Toy Looks Like It Just Smoked Itself Into A New Era

These Figurines

Prevent Your Kid From Being Afraid Of The Dark

Go Home, Belle, You’re Drunk

I Don’t Remember That Part Of Sleeping Beauty

If Santa’s Late, You’ll Know Why

You Can Shave Your Baby

In The Disney Villains Deck Of Playing Cards, The Queen Of Hearts Is The Three Of Clubs

My Nephew Has A Toy Dinosaur Which We Call “Sneaky Dinosaur” Because He Looks Rather F****** Sneaky

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