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Funny Comics That Prove How Women Are Magical In Everything They Do

5 The are several people living inside them

A woman has many personalities governed by the time of day. She has a morning face, an evening face; she can be a tomboy or the most sensual woman on earth. She could scare you in the morning and walk out of the toilet looking like Miss Universe. But you better love all of them because after all, she’s just one woman and it is your world that starts and ends with her.

6 Their multitasking abilities phenomenal

Multitasking is the genes of every woman. In many cases women handle multiple tasks better than men. Men are slower and less organized in comparison to women who are quick and meticulous in their work with an added sense of organization.

7 They can transform your world with a flick of their wands

Well not their wands actually but because women are magical it would appear so. With one flick of her wrist, the mess you make at home is cleared in a jiffy and your home looks clean and free of clutter all because it just received a woman’s touch.

8 They can understand us without any words

Women are brilliant at communicating and connection emotionally. Their language is their sense of touch, emotions and feeling. A woman knows exactly what you and the kids need because she can preempt the desires of her loved ones. Her loving and caring attitude provides her with a better understanding of her family.

9 They can cure disease like magic

A mommy’s kiss or a mom blowing on any minor injury is the biggest painkiller for any kid. Women are loving to the point of that providing her family with an emotional umbrella of security. She is the family doctor who has the cure for all aches and pains and a solution for every problem which is why it proves that women are magical.

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