Funny Reasons Why Being Married Is The Best

From the woman whose husband neglected gardening duties to buy the cat an inflatable unicorn horn, to the man whose wife forced him to go to IKEA despite the fact that they didn’t need to buy anything, the collection of funny posts below is sure to have married couples everywhere nodding and laughing in agreement.

Asked My Wife Where My Eye Drops Were. She Responded “In The Bedroom On The Tv Stand Under The Lightswitch Slightly Trapped Between The Wall”

My Husband Sure Knows How To Make A Pregnant, Bloated Girl Feel Special On Her Birthday

My Wife Didn’t Appreciate My Fridge Magnet Poem

For The Past Two Years, Anything Sitting In Our Garage That The Wife Says We Can’t Get Rid Of, I’ve Hung As “Art” In Our Otherwise Useless Front Room

Told The Wife The Floor Was Gross And Needed Cleaning. Told Her I Was Willing To Do It. She Said We Don’t Need To. Clean Half She Said And Let’s See The Difference… Mission Accomplished. (We Don’t Have Tiled Floors)

I Wore This Custom Shirt During My Wife’s Labor. Wife Was Not Amused

My Wife Has Been Trying Anything To Remind Me To Bring My Lunch To Work

When You Ask Your Husband To Pack Your Lunch

I Needed To Borrow My Wife’s Phone… She Said Her Password Was Our Anniversary. I Gave The Phone Back And Said I Didn’t Know What Happened

My Hubbys Reaction When He Tasted That I Added Whiskey To His Coffee

Wife And I Spend An Hour Trying To Get The Cat To Turn Off The Lights, So We Didn’t Have To Get Out Of Bed

After Working An 18 Hour Day, I Came Home To Find This Note Left By My Wife In The Bathroom

My Pregnant Wife Sent This To Me At 2:12am This Morning. I’m Going To Guess That My Snoring Was Quite Bad Last Night

Year No. 4 At My Wife’s Family Reunion

Whenever We Get Into A Heated Argument, My Wife Stops Mid Argument To Take A Selfie With Me, I’m Never Amused

Trying To Sent Subtle Hints To My Wife Last Night

Marriage Milestone

My Wife Said I Could Decorate The Guest Bathroom As My Own. Multiple Screams Have Ensued

Marriage Is All About Compromise. For Example, I Didn’t Really Want A Dog. My Wife Did. So We Compromised… And Here Is Our New Puppy Copper

Married For 62 Years, But My Grandpa Will Still Pull Out His Road Atlas To Prove My Grandma Wrong

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