Great People Are All Around Us

Very nice reflexes!

Thank you, stranger.

He’s going for the record.

A caring stranger

Very, very risky!

Delivery to the door, no matter what!

Are you also wondering how they did it?

An 80-year-old man made a train to take his dogs on a trip.

This dog is ideal.

A helping hand

He is delivering 47 pizzas simultaneously.

This is a really important warning.

My girlfriend wanted a nice photo. A biker we didn’t know wanted the same.

I ordered 10 pieces and didn’t ask for additional sauce, but it was added anyway.

Education is vital.

This is a hero every party needs.

A very responsible chef

This guy warns other drivers.

Our teacher brought us a puppy to calm us down before the test.

Bonus: It doesn’t matter what’s going on around you — a gift is a gift.

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