Guy Photoshops Eminem ‘Smiling’ And The Pictures Instantly Seem More Pleasant

Probably everyone under the sun has heard of Eminem (or Marshall Mathers, as his mother named him) – the first prominent white rapper who took over the pop culture scene back in the late 90s. Eminem and his music have changed quite a bit since his early Slim Shady days. Over the course of years, the rapper has become a more serious artist and touches upon such issues as poverty, inequality, and addiction in his new music.

The difficult upbringing that Eminem endured has been well-documented in both his music and movie (8 Mile), as well. Therefore it seems quite understandable that the man doesn’t have a bubbly and perky personality and rarely smiles in the photos. People have become used to his never-changing serious expression and it’d probably look downright weird if we’d try to imagine him with a huge Hollywood-like grin on his face. Right?

Well, a Photoshop master Mike Brown, whose Facebook intro is “make someone smile every day,” has decided to put theory into the test. He has shared a collection of photos of Eminem with a cool, calm and collected look on his face that we’re all familiar with and then altered them by putting a cheesy grin on the rapper’s face. The result? Hilarious and amusing, but at the same time a bit creepy, reminding of the ‘Hide The Pain Harold‘ meme.

“I have always manipulated faces, it’s just funny to me,” Mike told Bored Panda. “I always look for new manipulations, and ways to go about it. I came across a plugin that allows Photoshop to scour the web for close matches.”

“Although I had some success, the results took too long to ‘get right,’ so I kept trying and trying different ways. I ended up buying an app on Google Play that did just the trick, in such a faster time frame. So I do a first edit in Photoshop, then I run it through the facetime app, apply a few filters to make the image seem real, and it’s done!’

“I chose Eminem because that guy never smiles! And me and my wife were laughing at the one I did initially. So I posted it by itself at first, and my sister wanted a few more because it looked so good. The rest I can’t explain lol, I woke up and there were like 32000 shares.”

What do you think? Does Hollywood smile suit Eminem? Or should he rather stick to his tough-guy image, the one that we all know best? Comment down below!

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