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He Wanders Oakland Picking Up Trash. What He Does With It Will Melt Your Heart

Being homeless is a hardship that most of us will never have to endure. Some awful stigmas are attached to this unfortunate reality, and most of them aren’t accurate. Many people consider the homeless to be lazy, unclean, and undeserving of our time and money. Those of us with homes should be thankful for the lives we have and not take them for granted. We’ll never have to search the trash for food or desperately find shelter from the rain.

Fortunately, there are kind people around the world who make being homeless just a little bit easier. Gregory Kloehn is one of these people, and what he does for the homeless is truly inspiring. Kloehn travels the greater Oakland, California, area picking up trash for the purpose of using it to create small houses. He then donates his mini-houses to the homeless to make their lives just a little bit easier.

If you are interested in seeing what Gregory Kloehn has accomplished and how you can help, head over to Nation Swell’s website to learn more. If you are curious to see what Kloehn and friends are already working on, Nation Swell’s YouTube Channel is full of mini-documentaries showcasing projects that are spearheaded by some of the most generous people in the country.

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