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Hilarious Embarrassing Childhood Pictures

We all have THAT embarrassing photo from the past that we kept in a locked drawer or a hidden computer folder. As much as our former selves would hate to admit, our moms were right when they said it was just a phase.

Ahh, 1988. The Year My Family Had The Same Haircut

I Begged My Parents For This Picture

I Thought I Was The Baddest Sh*t

I Shaved The Middle Of My Head And Dressed Up Like An Old Man In High School

I Took The Ginger To The Next Level

I Show My Boyfriend One Picture From My Childhood And Suddenly Reproducing With Me Is Off The Table

Blundering Through 2nd Grade

I Was A Vampire. No, It Wasn’t Halloween

Business On The Top, Party On The Sides

Found This Picture Of Me 15 Years Ago Hanging Up At My Grandmothers Today At Thanksgiving

Don’t Worry, I Wore The Cat Ears Every Day Of 8th Grade, Not Just On Picture Day

Get Off Of Me Dad I’m Trying To Be Miserable

Gr.12, 2003. Yep

When I Was 8 And In A Dance Club

Facebook Friend Posted Her Childhood Glamour Shots

I Can’t Believe I Used To Rock This Look The Majority Of The Time

My Husbands 2003 Homecoming Photo

I Beaded This “Head Dress” Myself Specifically For This Picture

I Thought The Hair Made Me Look Cool. I Sometimes Wore It In A Pony Tail. I’m A Guy

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