Hilarious Photos Of Cats That Will Make You Laugh Way More Than You Should

Love cute cats? We do too! It’s a good thing the internet never runs out of new and totally adorable photos of cats. The best part is, they never run out of hilarious moves and poses to take photos of. We’ve caught them in suspicious situations, awkward poses, and with goofy expressions on their tiny faces. Even the ones with unique fur coloring look stunning. With them nothing is impossible. Feast on the following hilarious photos of cats and we promise they will definitely make your day.

“What are you looking at, human?”

I could’ve sworn those are puppydog eyes…

Spot the difference!

“Hi, neighbor.”

“I’ll keep making these eyes until you rock me too”

So that’s why the electric bill is so high!

A portal into the netherworld

Even the pet is glued to an iPad…

“Honey, where’s the cat?!”

Yea Sure, take the cardboard box over the expensive cushioned cat bed…

“It’s buckling beneath the weight of my magnificence.”

“Human, feed me NOW”

“What sorcery is this?!

Kitty driving lessons???

*sad purr*

Flashing them chickens!

“Say whuuut?”

Making fun of the sleeping cat

His Royal Highness

They almost completed the ladder to the food before they got caught

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