Hilariously ‘Accurate’ Celebrity Portraits By Tw1tter Picasso Are So Bad They Got Him 167,000+ Followers

If you are a huge fan of Drake or Nicki Minaj, these portraits might make you mad.

“I’ve been drawing since I was zero years old,” Ballpoint Papi aka Tw1tterPicasso wrote on his Instagram page, and his skills are indisputable as he is the mastermind behind these unique pieces of art.

The real name of the master troll is Corey and he’s from Australia. His style might look childlike at first glance and in a way, it is. Ballpoint Papi uses simple pens on any piece of paper he finds to create his simplistic yet hilarious caricatures of hip-hop artists, athletes, and other pop personalities.

The hilarious artist has almost 170k followers. “The best thing about this whole thing is when people tell me how they’re struggling with life and come to my page to laugh,” he told XXL Mag. “I get a lot of people hating on my drawings as well, but as long as my page can make people having a hard time happy then it doesn’t matter to me.”

Take a look at his masterpieces below and let us know what you think.
Jaden Smith Fan Art

Wiz Khalifa Fan Art

Snoop Dogg Fan Art

Amber Rose Fan Art

Ayo The Producer Fan Art

Fergie Fan Art

Eminem Fan Art

Bhad Bhabie Fan Art

The Weeknd Fan Art

Justin Bieber Fan Art

Blac Youngsta Fan Art

J Cole Fan Art

Lil Uzi Vert Fan Art

Whoopi Goldberg Fan Art

Kanye West Fan Art

Chris Brown Fan Art

Drake Fan Art

Anthony Davis Fan Art

Odell Beckham Jr Fan Art

Yanira Fan Art

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