Hysterical Letters from Angry Neighbors

When people choose to live in close quarters they eventually end up with at least one inconsiderate person who needs to be reminded about being a good neighbor. Letter writing and sign making seem to be a popular form of communicating with bad neighbors. Some are sarcastic, some are mean and a few are even threatening but all are funny simply because the writers are just sick and tired of the bad behavior and need to vent.

1. I believe they have been ‘told’.

2. This one looks like it was written by a second grader. Must be the check here lines?

3. That smiley face implies sincere sarcasm only a master can perform.

4. Free advice from tired neighbors.

5. Another master. This one plays chess.

6. Humor is a useful tool to use when making a request of this nature.

7. Sidewalk art is a creative way to remind folks to be more considerate.

8. I’d just call a tow truck but this is good too.

9. Japanese poetry is a classy way to tell someone they are rude.

10. It’s probably best to know what you’re saying before you put it on paper.

11. It’s always best to warn someone what can happen. Seems more polite.

12. Please check your spelling when trying to tell someone off in writing.

13. If you’re the couple that likes to fight perhaps apartment life isn’t for you.

14. Do try to keep your business out of the street. It’s best for everyone.

15. Great sarcasm with the ‘exorcism’ comment.

16. Humorous yet disgusting threat of revenge. Well played.

17. So much to enjoy with this one.

18. Wow! This theif seems arrogant.

19. More exorcism themed sarcasm. Must be a thing these days.

20. Mic Drop!

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