Kitty Grows Up Hugging His Human Every Day, Won’t Stop Even After Becoming A GIANT

Meet Tihon, the giant Maine Coon cat who just wants to cuddle every chance he gets

“He likes to sit in my arms all the time. He doesn’t like to be alone, and always follows me…”

“He is very quiet. In Russian ‘Tiho’ is quiet, hence his name”

“He purrs quietly and lovingly. His mission is always to be near me”

The kitty, who has one blue and one hazel eye, always waits by the door to greet his humans

He jumps into their lap right away for some serious cuddle time

Despite Tihon’s impressive physique, he lets the other, smaller cat, be the boss in the house

It seems like the kitty is not interested in all those power games, he just wants to spread love…

And the gentle giant does just that, 24/7, every day

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