Male Karen Throws Smoothie At Teen Workers, Ruins His Own Life

The man, who has since been identified as Jim Iannazzo, a Wealth Management specialist at Merril Lynch, is cursing and yelling (with some racism thrown in for good measure) at teenage employees of a Robeks smoothie store in Fairfield, Connecticut. He is also seen trying to force his way into an ‘Employees Only” area as the scared girls call the police.

Iannazzo told arresting officers that he was upset because a smoothie he’d ordered for his son gave the boy an allergic reaction due to the presence of peanut butter. Employees stated that although Iannazzo had asked for no peanut butter, he hadn’t specified that it was an allergy request (which is generally handled with a lot more care). As a general tip, when you ask for “no PB,” employees at most food service establishments will simply not add the peanut butter, but if you specify that it’s due to a nut allergy, employees are obligated to follow cross-contamination protocols like changing gloves and using freshly-cleaned utensils to ensure food safety.

Iannazzo has since been charged with intimidation based on bigotry or bias, breach of peace, and criminal trespass.

Here’s an update to the situation that was originally posted by the original TikToker who recorded the video (@cjjbreezy). Her account has apparently been taken down by TikTok as of now, but not before the update was reshared by @thatdaneshguy, a fellow TikToker who’s famous for his internet detective skills and has helped identify several other Karens and Kyles in the past:

Danesh also shared a further update featuring Ianazzo’s mugshot as well as a statement from Bank of America (which owns the Wealth Management division Ianazzo is employed at) stating that he no longer works there:

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