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Meet Pam Pam, A Tiny Kitty With Heterochromia Whose Eyes Will Hypnotize You

This is Pam Pam, the kitty with the most mesmerizing eyes ever. See for yourself below, but don’t look at them for too long or you might never be able to look away again!

The reason Pam Pam’s eyes look like this is because of a condition called heterochromia iridis. It’s characterized by abnormalities in the iris, and those affected by the condition have one eye with a different color than the other. Another type of the condition, called segmental heterochromia, causes different colors in the same eye. Heterochromia can be caused by inbreeding, genetic inheritance, or mutation, and in some breeds of cats, like the Turkish Angora, heterochromia is a desirable trait that breeders try to maintain. Inherited heterochromia iridis is harmless, and it can be found in both animals and humans. Click here for a whole list of animals with different variations of the condition.

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