MLB Hall of Gamer Wade Boggs Drank 107 Beers at Once

107 beers in one day…Wade Boggs puts all other men to shame. Not only was he a pretty damn good third baseman in the MLB he can out drink anyone.

Also you get these sweet dance moves when you drink that much.


During an episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, when the Gang attempted to match Boggs’ 64-beer mark, and obviously failed miserably, Charlie Day revealed Boggs had told him the actual number was over a hundred during an appearance on the Tonight Show.

Last Saturday, when TMZ caught up with Boggs before the Yankees’ annual Old Timers’ Day game, where Wade confirmed that he’d be eating chicken before suiting up with his fellow Yankee legends also confirming that yes, he did drink over 100 beers in a day.

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