Mobile Tiny Home Comes Equipped with Its Own Detachable Green House

When we think of tiny homes, it often means sacrificing some of the luxuries of more conventional-sized spaces. Your hobbies, for instance, might have to take a backseat to make room for more important things like your bed or kitchen. Olive Nest Tiny Homes proves that you don’t need to give up your passions to live in a small abode. They’ve created the Elsa, a tiny mobile home that comes equipped with a greenhouse and porch.

The main area of the structure measures 323 square feet but still feels bright and airy. Boasting light-colored wood and white walls, the loft-style unit creates the illusion that it’s twice as big as it really is. A galley-style kitchen has a fridge and full-size gas stove with shelving above the large sink. Coupled with under-the-stair storage, knickknacks are out of sight and clutter free. To make the space even more flexible, Olive Nest installed a moveable bar with four stools.

Many of these features are standard in a tiny home, but the greenhouse is what makes Elsa truly special. At 85 square feet, it’s large enough to grow your favorite fruits and vegetables. So not only are you cutting down on your eco-footprint, but the garden makes this structure even more sustainable. Once the produce is ripe, enjoy it from the comfort of your porch swing.

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