More Horror Movie Actors, Who Are Actually Pretty Attractive In Real Life

When watching spooky horror movies, we get scared not only by sharp sounds and special effects, but also by the threatening appearance of the monsters in those films. They then keep haunting our dreams, turning them into sweaty terror-filled nightmares, but after you realize those hellish creatures are just regular people covered in latex and makeup, you’ll finally be able to sleep at night. And I’m here just for that. In real life, the horror movie actors are completely different from their characters. Don’t believe me? Keep scrolling!

1. Mama – Javier Botet
Mama, 2013
Actor Javier Botet is often referred to as the “special effect man”, because more often than not, he appears on the screen as terrifying demons in movies like “Crimson Peak”, “Beyond the Door” and “The Curse 2”, as well as the hair-raising zombie in the movie “[REC]”. So, next time you’re watching a horror flick, look closely at the monsters, maybe they were played by Javier Botet.

2. Pyramid-head – Roberto Campanella
Silent Hill, 2006
Roberto Campanella played one of the most iconic horror video game characters of all time in the movie “Silent Hill” – the Pyramid-head And, since he’s also a great choreographer, he coordinated all the spooky creatures in that film, to make sure they move as creepily as possible.

3. Jeepers Creepers – Jonathan Breck
Jeepers Creepers, 2002
Jonathan Breck – actor, producer, director, and most importantly, he looks amazing in makeup.

4. Twisty the Clown – John Carroll Lynch
American Horror Story, 2011
Remember seeing John in “Zodiac”, and “Gothic”? Yeah, me neither, but he was there! But you surely remember him in American Horror Story.

5. Mary Shaw – Judith Ann Roberts
Dead Silence, 2007
This old-school actress made her debut in David Lynch’s “Eraser Head” (1977), but the real fame came to her after her role of Mary Shaw in 2007’s “Dead Silence”.

6. Zombie – Xan Angelovich
Walking Dead, 2010

How could such a cute and sweet girl play a decaying, bloodthirsty zombie? Behold the power of makeup!

7. The Woman in Black – Tom Fitzpatrick
Insidious, 2015

Yes, you read that correctly: Tom, who is a dude, played an old and creepy lady in the 2nd and 3rd insidious movies!

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