17 Mysteries Scientists Can NOT Explain

16. Two-headed Blue Sharks

Lately more and more two-headed sharks started to emerge and nobody can’t really explain why is this happening.

Daily Mail reported that it all stated in 2008 when an Australian fisherman reported caught a two-headed blue shark embryo. Lately they are starting to emerge everywhere in the world.

In 2013 Florida fishermen caught a Bull shark with a two-headed fetus. Recently a Spanish fishermen caught a catshark with a two-headed fetus.

Scientists concluded that most likely the two-headed sharks don’t live too long and this is the reason nobody had seen one so far. The most weird part is that really nobody can explain why and how is this mutation happening.

#17. Russia found Alien Spaceship wrecked in the ice

Russia have been putting a lot of effort lately on proving that Aliens actually do exist. Not so long ago they claimed to find a wrecked Alien Spaceship and leaked the photos online. Russian government claimed that they have been focusing on looking for Aliens underneath instead in outer space.

Nobody really knows what if that is spaceship on the photo or not. The photo looks pretty real and scientists can’t really explain it.

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  • Good to read that, but i believe that the writer went a little bit hard on religion. Answers the writer talked about were not given by my religion. For example, the stars we think that we look at are not the stars but the light emitted by those stars and has just reached our sghit, is mentioned in my religion and was proved later by science. I am sure that real religions give the correct piece of information and real science have to prove them.

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