NASA Is Preparing This Girl To Become The First Human On Mars And She’s Only 17

Meet Alyssa Carson, a 17-year-old girl from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Despite her young age, NASA is training her to become an astronaut

She aims to be part of the first human mission to Mars on 2033

The mission is part of the effort to establish a human colony on Mars, that could one day save our species

Alyssa first thought of going to Mars when she was 3, after seeing the TV show “The Backyardigans”

Ever since then Carson has been working hard to achieve her goals

In 2008, Bert Carson, her father, enrolled her in the United States Space Camp

She quickly became the first person to visit all three NASA Space Camps

Five years later, Alyssa was the first person to complete the NASA Passport Program by going to all 14 NASA Visitor Centers

Carson is also the youngest person to be accepted and graduate the Advanced Possum Academy

Which officially makes her certified to go to space and an astronaut trainee

With incredibly demanding astronaut training, Alyssa also studies all her school subjects in 4 languages

While not being able to apply to be an astronaut until she turns 18, Carson is the youngest applicant to International Space University

She not only finds time for school, training, but public speaking as well

Alyssa started “Blueberry Foundation”, named after her call sign Blueberry

That’s aiming to encourage kids to seek their dreams and give opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have

As well as draw interest to space travel and her mission

“Always follow your dream and don’t let anyone take it from you,” Alyssa says

While her goals might push the idea of dating and dreams of a family to further (and unknown) future

Carson understands the sacrifice and is determined to reach her goal

Watch the video below to see Alyssa’s journey and goals

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