People Are Laughing At The Way This Cat Reacts To Being Allowed On The Balcony For The First Time

Meet Nuka, an expressive 4-year-old kitty from Finland

Yesterday, his owner Essi shared Nuka’s first time outside as she took the cat to her new balcony

And the kitty’s face says it all!


“He has never been an outdoors cat” said Essi

“He’s literally terrified of everything. He’s a scaredy-cat”

Being on a balcony is the perfect solution as Nuka can retreat to safety fast if things get overwhelming

However, he really enjoys his time on the balcony

“He’s curious and interested about birds […]. He just sits and watches”

Some have suggested that the kitty’s derpy face is a result of a medical condition

“He has trouble with his motoric skills like jumping. He runs into walls a lot…

“…, [but the vet] couldn’t find anything wrong with him. He’s living a normal kitty life and is a happy derp”

To make sure Nuka is extra safe in his outdoor endeavors, Essi said she plans to install balcony windows

We hope to see more of his interactions with the outside world and, of course, Nuka’s hilarious expressions

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