We’ve all heard the saying “money can’t buy happiness,” but maybe food can. Why dream of winning the lottery if you can win the food lottery – that is, when you pay for a certain amount of your favorite food, and end up with more. Now that’s a real deal, my friends.

It’s like getting a grande latte when you only paid for a tall; like buying fish fingers, and getting an extra one in the packet; like eating your morning cereal and noticing an extra-large cheerio! Not to mention buying your favorite veggie or berry, and it’s the biggest one you’ve ever seen – ka-ching!

There Was A Mini Orange Inside My Orange

Vending Machine At Work Made An Error And Distributed Everything All At Once

My Watermelon Has Almost No Rind

I Had To Do It, Made My Own Lottery And I Won Big!


Win… Just Got A Carton Full Of Double Yolk Eggs

Found A Green Bell Pepper Growing Inside A Red One

Multiple Strawberries Fused Into One

My Kinder Surprise Was Encased In A Second Skin Of Chocolate. Dear Diary, Jackpot

My Girlfriend Found This In Her Skittles Today

This Massive Lemon That Grew On My Lemon Tree

Very Big Blueberries

I Found 5 Peanuts In A Shell

My Friend’s Egg Had Another Tiny Egg Inside Of It

This Guy Won The Vending Machine Lottery

I Found A Treble Cleft In My Arby’s Fries Today

Double Banana? Double Egg Yolks? How About These Here Triple Kiwis!

This Banana Was Two Bananas

I Was Jealous. Jackpot

My Grape Is 8 Grapes Fused Into 1

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